The Importance of Maintaining Balance in Life

The Importance of Maintaining Balance in Life

The Importance of maintaining Balance in Life

By Sophia Harmes, PhD.

Are you someone who just can’t find enough time in the day? Do you get easily frustrated or anxious? Do you feel sluggish not enough energy especially in the afternoon? Do you have health issues? Do you take care of others while ignoring yourself? If you’d answer yes to any of these questions it is a sign that you most likely are suffering from an unbalanced physical and energetic condition.

In order for us to function symbiotically as humans we need to reach a level of homeostasis or balance. When we are balanced physically and energetically we are able to deal with life‘s surprises as they occur when we least expect them. With positive energy and a healthy body we are better able to handle the situation in a more positive light rather than a negative one.

Being healthy is more than not having an illness or disease, it also includes maintaining an optimal wellbeing and feelings of wholeness and vitality. We consume things and are able to filter out what does not serve us and take in what is nourishing ( When our energy flow is blocked or inhibited we become ill. Our bodies let us know when we are out of balance. we become sick or begin experiencing symptoms of illness ( These are signs that we need to pay attention to making the appropriate adjustments to our lives to regain balance.

The Human Energetic Balance

It is important to understand that humans are more than just physical and mental beings. As humans we are composed of the physical self, our bodies, the mental self, our brains and our thought patterns, the emotional self, how we feel, how we love, and the spiritual self, our connection with God, universe or spirit. These 4 parts or selves work together in a complementary relationship that creates a healthy energetically balanced body. All of these are interconnected to create who we are as an individual. We need to ensure that we are in balance so that we are positive and can enjoy our life and be productive and healthy. ( The energetic balance of all these selves enable us to enjoy our life while we serve our best interest and those of others.

When our physical bodies are in good health it is likely that the other parts of our self are healthy too. When the body is not healthy it creates an imbalance in the other parts of our being. Therefore it is important to treat the whole body or self rather than just the physical body. A physical issue could be the result of an emotional, spiritual or mental deficiency or disorder. It could even be a result of a combination of these.

The mental side of self deals with mental health issues. Mental distress can initiate physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Our emotional health, which deals with our feelings, should be positive. When negative feelings or emotions arise we begin to experience an imbalance in our self. This negativity also blocks the flow of life energy through our bodies. Maintaining emotional stability and positivity helps us to be emotionally balanced and therefore the rest of our self will be balanced.

Regardless of your religious or universal beliefs the health of the spiritual self is important. When we are spiritually balanced we feel tranquil and at peace. You tend to be more kind and understanding. If we become disassociated with our spiritual self we can create imbalances in other parts of our being. Since a misalignment in one part of self can negatively affect another or other parts of self, any treatment must focus on the body as a whole. You may need a physical professional, a mental health professional, and or a spiritual guide or practitioner to assist in the healing process (

Establishing and Maintaining Balance and Energy

It is important to understand that an imbalance in one of these 4 areas of self can negatively affect the other aspects. Engaging in activities and practices that help you maintain your energetic balance is very important. Establishing and maintaining balance and energy

There are many things that can be done to assist in maintaining an energetic balance in all aspects of your life. Practicing those that resonate with you. When you are active in activities that you are interested in or that makes you happy you are more likely to continue to practice and enjoy them. In the process you are maintaining your energetic balance in a pleasant and positive way. Engage in activities that you have an interest in. Maybe something you always wanted to do as a child but we’re not able to do because of time or finances. Learn a new language or to play an instrument. Take online courses. There are many to choose from that are free or at a minimal charge.

As a daily practice, take time to quiet your mind. This can be done through prayer, meditation, contemplation or just sitting somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for several minutes. Meditation has been scientifically proven to significantly restore energetic balance because it requires your body to be at rest while your mind remains awake. It also strengthens the connection to the spiritual self. Setting aside 20minutes of personal quiet time is important because it allows you to connect with you. This is a great way to start the day. Journaling is another great way to quiet your mind especially at the end of a busy day. It is also a great way to reconnect with self. These activities require self discipline and consistency to assist you in maintaining energy and balance. (;

To assist in maintain energy flow and balance in your life it is important to eat a well balanced nutritious diet that consists of foods that are fresh and not prepackaged or prepared. Foods that are processed negatively affect the natural flow of energy that makes us feel sluggish and/or tired. That in turn diminishes our health and facilitates the aging process ( That is why we feel and/or look older than what are chronological age is. A balanced diet consists of a daily combination of foods, beverage and herbs that include all six different tastes I.e.bitter, salty, sweet, sour, pungent and astringent (

A regular and consistent exercise routine done 3-4 times per week is also essential for maintaining the body’s energy and balance. Physical exercise is more than just an activity to keep the body young and healthy. It also benefits the mind and emotional well-being. Your exercise regiment should include something cardiovascular such as walking, running, biking or dancing; activities that increase flexibility such as yoga or ty chi and exercises that provide strength training like weight lifting. Remember to choose activities that you enjoy so you will be more likely to do them consistently.

Get that 6-8 hours of restful substance free sleep a night. This is the required amount of sleep human beings need to be able to function in a healthy and vibrant way. When we have a good restful night sleep we feel rested, energetic and vibrant. We are ready to tackle the day ahead of us. We can deal with stress and frustration in a more positive and calmer manner than if we were functioning on less than perfect sleep. When you do not get a restful night sleep you wake up tired, sluggish and unenthusiastic. Physical effects of limited sleep include a weakened immune system and response, accelerated aging process, depression and anxiety and the dreaded weight gain (.

Removing emotional toxins and blockages are necessary to maintain energetic and emotional balance. past experiences create toxic residues in the body that linger through our lifetime unless we remove them. Practice meditation or a ritual to release anything that your body is energetically holding on to. Begin by asking what past hurts and wrongs are you holding onto that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Then meditate or release them by energetically telling them they no longer have a purpose and do not serve you. Once you feel the release of the toxins or blockages replace that negative energy with positive energy that is compassionate, nurturing and full of love.

Establish and maintain positive healthy relationships with family and friends. They are good resources when we undergo emotional and spiritual issues. Keep those who are positive close as they can help you to see different perspectives. Minimal contact with those who are negative is recommended as these people can suck the life energy out of you. They usually have a habit of making their problems your problems. I’m sure you have enough to worry about on your own plate and don’t need to take on any more from other’s negative energy (

Remember that there is a fun side to life. Reconnect with your sense of humor. Make others laugh and you will feel good inside. Establish special times to spend with children and spouse. Take time once a day for a good hearty deep belly laugh. Subscribe to a daily joke website or app. This high energy activity will help to brighten your spirit and instill positive energy.

Assessment of your energy and balance

With our busy lives we are constantly juggling a lot of responsibilities and obligations. It is our responsibility to maintain a balance and no one else’s. We control what we eat drink think, do etc. begin by making a conscious decision to become energetically balanced. Make the commitment to disconnect from electronics for a few hours on a daily basis. Spend that time connecting with family and friends. Take control of your life by doing an assessment of your life. Look at where you need to make changes in your life, work, home. Get in the habit of writing things down and journaling. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to get started. Keep lists of what you want to accomplish during the day and the week. Not only will this help to keep you organized it also helps you to see where are you may have problem areas in your life where you need to make adjustments. Making those adjustments and staying positive will help you to maintain balance.

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First Appeared in Therapeutic Thymes Magazine, Spring 2021, Issue 18.

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