Why Healers May Seek Healing Themselves

Why Healers May Seek Healing Themselves

Why Healers May Seek Healing Healing Themselves

By Sophia Harmes, PhD.

What is energy healing? Energy healing has been a form of healing that has been practiced for centuries. Energy healers are aware that a healthy body is a result of the unimpeded and balanced flow of energy throughout the body.  Energy healing is a form of alternative healing that facilitates a balanced flow of energy by manipulating and releasing energy blocks in the body.  

Why is this important?  A person will begin to suffer from illness, inflammation or disease when the body’s natural flow of energy becomes blocked.  Inflammation is a symptom resulting from a block in the body’s energy flow and stress is a cause of inflammation. If we do not pay attention to what our bodies are telling us the inflammation can get worse creating more blockages in the body’s energy flow resulting in illness.  When the body’s energy flow is at an ideal level or balanced, the body possesses the ability to heal itself.

Conventional medicine implements energy healing using crystals in MRIs and other scanning machines. Forms of energy healing which are not available through conventional medicine involve alternative or complementary medicines that include Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Reiki, yoga, crystal healing, chakra balancing, acupuncture, and massage. 

There are a variety of forms of energy healing originating from Eastern medicine that are becoming popular in the United States. Reiki a healing technique developed in Japan employs the use of the practitioner’s hands to guide healing energy to specific areas of the body. The practitioner moves their hands over the body guiding energy to flow freely.  Balanced chakras are a traditional form of Hindu energy healing.  By balancing the chakras or the energy wheels in our bodies we can maintain the uninhibited flow of energy that keeps our bodies healthy. Gemstones and crystals relating to each chakra are used to help balance the chakras.  Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use acupuncture as a form of energy healing.  Needles are strategically placed in an area of the body where the energy flow is blocked.  The needle is placed according to the body’s meridians in order to clear any energy blockages.

These various forms of energy healing assist in removing energy blockages to facilitate the body’s ability to heal.  When the body has blockages, it becomes susceptible to developing health issues. Thus, when blockages are removed the body's energy can flow naturally and begin to heal itself.  Seeking out an energy healer practitioner can be a great complement to most medical treatments a person may be undergoing.  

Some forms of energy healing can be conducted over a long distance. For example, Reiki is a form of energy healing that the client does not have to be in the same physical location as the Reiki practitioner.  Energy flows from the practitioner to the client through intention and transfer.  Chakra balancing can also be done long distance using a picture or image of the person having their chakras balanced.

Who is the Energy Healer

Energy healers are called to this path of helping those who are sick or who need healing.  Energy healers are people who understand the importance of a balanced energy flow in the body.  They possess the ability to guide the flow of energy through the body to release energy blockages.  They can assist in healing a range of health conditions, sickness or illness a client may be experiencing.  This is because an energy healer possesses the ability to raise the energetic vibration in the body that assists the healing process and enables the body to restore health.  

People who have faith in the process of energy healing are more responsive to the benefits than those who may be skeptical.  Yet an energy healer can still assist people who do not believe in energy healing.  They will experience the energy flow through their body and the relaxation that results afterwards. 

Anyone can benefit from an energy healer.  Whether you're feeling anxious, stressed out or just physically drained, it’s a good time to schedule an appointment with an energy healer.  Even if your body is in balance, you can still benefit from an energy healing session because it helps you to relax and unwind. Essential oils, gemstones and crystals, incense, sage, candles, relaxing music, etc. can all be used to facilitate and enhance the healing process for the client.

Energy healing is beneficial when used in conjunction with modern medicine. Energy healing can help to facilitate the effects of the medicine and the healing process. It is recommended that anyone receiving energy healing should inform their physician that they are using the services of an energy healer.

Does the Healer Require Healing?

Of course, just like doctors need other doctors, healers need other healers.  Are you surprised to hear that healers need healing?  During a healing session, a healer exerts a lot of energy themselves as they facilitate the flow of energy through the client.  Some healers are empathic and can absorb energy from the aura of the person they are healing.  Because of this It is very important for any healer to protect themselves before they conduct a healing session.  A healing session can make a healer very tired that they may be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of the session.  It is very important for a healer to cleanse and prepare themselves, the client and the room prior to performing energy healing. The energy healer and the client should both be saged for cleansing.  In addition to cleansing, it is a good idea to make sure that the healer and the client are both grounded.  The practitioner will also sage the room for cleansing before the energy healing session begins.  

In many cases when a healer cleanses and grounds themselves and their client and cleanses the room, they can also experience healing energy flowing through their body at the same time during the healing session.  The healer should protect against absorbing negative energy from the client by shielding themselves with gemstones or crystals.  Cutting the ethereal cord when completing a session is a good practice.  After an energy healing session, the practitioner can cleanse themselves by smudging the room and burning sage around them to clear the negativity from their aura. 

There are occasions when an energy healer will seek out another healer for healing.  They may choose to find a person practicing the same form of energy healing.  For example, an acupuncturist may seek out another acupuncturist, etc.  An energy healer may choose to try a form of energy healing they want to learn more about.  

Energy healers are also human beings and are susceptible to serious illnesses as anyone else.  Therefore, they may need to find conventional medical assistance and medicine.  In this case they may either practice energy healing on themselves or rely on an energy healer to enhance the effectiveness of the conventional medical treatment they may have to undergo.


There are various self-healing techniques a healer can use on themselves.  Reiki is a good example of energy healing one’s self.  Reiki utilizes placing hands over the areas of the body to facilitate healing.  It is like when you hurt yourself you put your hand over the area you hurt.  If you leave your hand there long enough you can begin to feel a little comfort from touching that part of your body. 

Other ways that a person can increase their energy flow is by being outside in nature.  Connecting with nature helps the psyche and the soul to rejuvenate and recharge.  Listening to music that is soft and soothing causes relaxation.  Join a yoga class.  There are many other activities that one can do to facilitate a balance flow of energy through the body.  Doing daily exercise helps the body to maintain a balanced flow of energy in addition to other physical and mental benefits.  


Someone engaging in the energy healing profession does so because they realize they have a gift to assist the body in healing itself by maintaining an energy balance.  Because they are concerned about the healing of their clients, they may neglect their own health.  Therefore, it is important that they practice many of the measures identified above to protect themselves or reduce the absorption of their client’s energy.  They are people too and, in some cases, must rely on the conventional medical profession for serious conditions.  Many will enhance the conventional type of treatment with energy healing to assist in their healing process.

First appeared in Therapeutic Thymes Magazine, Winter 2019, Issue 13.  http://therapeuticthymes.com/

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