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Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite Bracelet

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Pyrite is a protective, shielding stone excellent as an amulet to deflect harm and danger; helpful when one is away from home or performing hazardous work [Melody, 497][Hall, 149][Eason, 180]; guards against ongoing control, criticism, and manipulation by a partner, parent or employer, lending power to resist without becoming angry or upset, change the balance of power [Eason, 180]; energizes the home or workplace and area around it,  overcomes intellectual fatigue and tiredness of the nervous system, stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity, focus and recall [Hall, 149][Simmons, 314][Megemont, 151][Melody, 498]; inspires creativity; stirs qualities of ambition, commitment, and perseverance [Simmons, 315][Melody, 498]

Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity

Bead Size: 8mm

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