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This stone enables one to lay bare emotional wounds and scars of the past for healing, restoration, and reinvigoration focuses on nurturing the inner self and reclaiming all one was meant to be, empowers one to reach one’s full potential, focusing one’s gifts and energies outward for the betterment of all. It is a stone of purpose, cooperation and community, altruism, and generosity of spirit [Simmons, 329][Ahsian, 330][Megemont, 155][Melody, 564][Hall, 246].  effective for reducing childhood jealousies between siblings; to avoid arguments over shared assets, such as an inheritance. [Megemont, 156] best stones for healing injuries, cuts, and bleeding wounds, and for soothing insect bites and stings, useful for reducing scar tissue or birth marks, and aiding skin conditions due to allergies. [Gienger, 73][Hall, 247][101 Hall, 170][Eason, 58]

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